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C#m7  F#7  D7  B7
C#m7  F#7  D7  B7  E

I'm sitting in the corner of my extra large couch
With the act of bending low with my limbs close to the body
         D7                   B7
Yeah I'm crouching to fridge, life is a bitch
Cuz I'm dry to the bone and I'm home all alone

There's no one else for me to have a look around
And guess what, there's only one thing that I found
It's standing in the middle of the fridge
Hello you, Mr. Yoghurt from three weeks ago

I check your butt for the date and although
Your smell is not too well I've got to eat you
Cause you're the only thing in my house at this time
And also the main reason for this last rhyme
             A7          E
I've got the rhytm on my side

F#7              A7          E
Man I've got the rhythm on my side     3x

C#m7  F#7  D7  B7  E   2x

But eating sour yoghurt doesn't mean my thirst is quenched
And when I smell my fingers I get mellow of the stench
From the potato chips I ate with my beer the night before
When I wanted to play domino but had no stones no more

So now's the time to kill the boredom, turn the tv on
I grab a random movie and can almost sing-a-long
Because the soundtrack of this movie, man it's way too loud
I get distracted, cannot focus and erupt a mushroom cloud

But this is not too fair for my favorite pair of shorts
Which I managed to combine with that ugly shirt of yours
But now I feel so sad, I have one good excuse
To fall back on my secret recipe of fruity juice
      A7            E
Of my secret fruity juice

F#7           A7               E
Fruity juices make me feel all right
F#7           A7                 E
Fruity juices damn they taste so nice
F#7           A7               E
Fruity juices make me feel all right

C#m7  F#7  D7  B7  E   4x

C#m7  F#7  D7  B7
C#m7  F#7  D7  B7